COMING SOON: The American Diet: A Vegetarian’s Take

Oh, Minnesota, how I’ve missed you!

As a few of you may know, I decided to surprise my mother on her 50th birthday with a flight back home to see her for the first time in a year. Boy did she lose it. ūüėČ It’s so frickin’ cold in the Great North, but it’s wonderful home, sweet home.

Growing up in a family of hunting, gun-loving carnivores, everyone seems very cautious and curious about my eating habits. There are a lot of “rub some bacon on it” jokes happening. I’ve also been eating a lot of food I don’t normally eat because I’m not the one cooking. Pretty much everything is canned and the typical American diet of startch and more starch. This change is definitely effecting my body, and it’s less than thrilled.

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about being a vegetarian,

“What DO you eat every day?”

“But… WHY?”

“Do you do it just for health reasons? Or is it the whole ‘animal rights’ thing?”

So I will be doing a segment, when I return from MN, on the mainstream American lifestyle and how to travel and still stay true to health and wellness choices. (Sorry, WordPress, this app just ain’t cuttin’ it. ūüėČ )



Get Up and Off Your You-Know-What! 10 Tips to Help You Find Your Motivation

Today I did NOT want to work out. At all.

Where I live it was raining, and cold, and I just wanted to cuddle with a blanket, eat some Endangered Species chocolate and watch Mad Men.

We all have those days though, don’t we? Those days when we can come up with every excuse not to eat healthy/exercise/ clean our temple. (Or clean the house for that matter.) I have been rather discouraged about my fitness goals this last week, and lacking motivation in general. Here are some tips that helped me to get up off my you-know-what, when everything else was telling me not to. Maybe we can motivate each other?


Turn it up! Blast that stereo with some beats. I know that when I pop in some good tunes,within seconds my foot’s tappin’ the beat, and the rest of me is wanting to move along. I always run harder, and push farther when there’s a great song playing.


There are tons of motivational pictures of fit people out there. Every time I look at a really fit body it reminds me of the beauty of health and wellness.  


Grab a friend and get moving. Whenever I¬†exercise¬†with my husband (or anyone really) I get competitive and want to keep up with, or surpass him. I find myself smashin’ out that extra rep when I probably otherwise wouldn’t have.


Don’t have a fitness goal? Get one! (Yeah,that’s right. I said that in my¬†Woody from Toy Story voice.)

Focus on that goal, because the only one who can keep you from it is yourself.


So many times I come home from work and I’ve had a stressful day and don’t feel like working out. Instead of sitting on the couch with potato chips, do some High Intensity Interval Training and punch your imaginary foes in the face. Or chill out with some yoga that will calm your mind.

6. FUN

Find something you enjoy. My husband and I have taken up hiking as our hobby and “connecting time”. We¬†don’t¬†even notice that we are burning calories when we’re chatting and just loving being in nature alone together.


Encourage yourself. Give yourself a pep-talk. Deep down, you know that you can do this. You know that you have the inner strength to push through the pain. Tell yourself that, over and over if you have to. (I know I do.)


Use fitness as a reward. I didn’t start to really love fitness until I saw it as a reward for my body, instead of a punishment. Now all day long I try to remind myself that when I get home I get the reward of a good endorphin rush after a sweat session.


Get online and check out fitness sites like this or this. They’re free, and full of people who want to encourage you to get fit and healthy.

10. LOVE

If you love others, and if you love yourself, you’ll want to be the best you that you can be. Think of your significant other, your kids, your family and friends, and be selfless. Give them, and yourself, the gift of a healthy you.

Annnd just because I love you, here’s one more tip…


Yeah, you heard me. They’re coming. Run.

Going…Raw Vegan? Day Three

Day Three:

Whoa Bananas. Seriously. May I never eat such things again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love nanners. I wish I could eat them all the time. Today I just made a STUPID choice.

I came to the conclusion a few months ago that I am allergic to bananas. I never was officially checked with a doctor, I just knew that every time I ate one, I got sick and lost my¬†cookies, well… you-know-what. I would get racked with pain, the sweats, the whole nine yards. I just thought that maybe I got sick because I was eating more fiber than my body was used to. Then when I went to Whole Foods this last weekend and was skimming the produce section, my eyes came upon the golden bunches of joy. I thought, “Surely I will have a ton of fiber this week, and my body will be fine!”

Not the case.

How I felt after a few bites.

How I felt after a few bites.

Soooooooo yeah. Here’s the synopsis:



Mid-morning Snack:

Banana (and there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth)


2 apples

peanut butter




There was quite a significant time gap between the banana and lunch. I actually had to leave work it was so bad. But… lesson learned I guess. Everything else was delicious. The pineapple especially was quite tasty, but my teeth and for whatever reason my¬†tongue (???), were really sensitive afterwards. As the week progresses, I feel like going vegan¬†officially¬†would be rather easy. Its going 100% raw I am finding difficult. I just really miss hot food, especially in the evenings. I think its because I have a habit formed where I eat a salad for lunch, and the evening meal is always cooked. And when I find something I like, I like it and I¬†don’t¬†like to change. On the plus side, I have reached a huge personal accomplishment this week! I had been at a plateau in my weight-loss where I would gravitate between a couple pounds, and now I have broken the¬†plateau¬†and I’m losing again! I sort of feel like I’ve been on a juicing cleanse, I guess. I’m sure it’s water-weight I’m losing, but hey, the¬†hydration¬†this week has been great.

Peace, and may your bananas always agree with you.

When All Else Fails: The Mini Mind-Vacation

Hello Friends!

May I start off by saying, I’m human.

I haven’t posted in a while, as you may have noticed. These last two and a half/three weeks have been insane in the life of Rhed.

My husband has started an Improv class/troupe/university called Madcap Theatre.¬†Have you ever seen the show¬†Whose Line Is It Anyways?? That’s what my husband does. He’s an actor-writer-director¬†extraordinaire. (Interested? He has started this¬†on top of being a full-time student getting his Masters, and starting up a Theater journal/blog called and¬†working so we can eat.¬†Also, he’s performing in Macbeth soon.


Now, I love that he’s a creative¬†genius and all, but with that comes a slew of exciting¬†roller-coaster¬†rides. And a two-week long migraine of doom for me.

Along with his busy schedule constantly being in flux, I have received a new job, and have been working on the music side of this blog. Yay! Exciting! Whoohoo! (And about time I start the music posting, let me tell you.)

You may be wondering how this relates to a Healthy Temple…

All of this crazy new change is wonderful, but my body has definitely taken a toll. My workouts have been lacking, to be honest, and I can feel it in my body.¬†Particularly¬†my less-than-defined midsection. I’ve gained two very discouraging pounds due to stress and lack of routine. And some poor drink choices that go straight to my abs. I’d do the odd workout here or there, but it hasn’t been consistent. In fact, the other day I was working through a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) DVD at home and I found myself not challenged and peaceful like I normally feel, but challenged and… angry. I couldn’t understand it. There was nothing I was frustrated about, but here I was furious, and the more I worked my body, the angrier I became.

My dear husband gently stopped me, and popped in yoga DVD I had gone through a million times. ¬†I went through my¬†familiar¬†asanas, and found myself smiling in Tree Pose. I realized I had been flooded with anger because that was my body’s way of saying This is not working today!¬†Sometimes, like my husband did for me, others that love us can see what is best for us, better than we can. We’re all human, and our bodies are in constant flux. I had told myself that I needed to smash out a hard workout no matter what, but I really needed to stretch and center myself, and my hubs knew that. He handles change so much better than I do.

He also knows all too well what makes me happy and chill, so he took me to my favorite local small-business¬†shop called Nila Beans. It’s full of wonderful things, like bright rich fabrics, hippie bags, pretty candles, wooden earrings, chill music (I’ve recently been on a Simon & Garfunkel kick on Pandora radio.)¬†and…incense! So we got 10 sticks for dirt cheap (like $1.15 I think?!) and now my house smells like Egyptian Musk, Peace of Mind and China Rain.

What makes you happy? What makes you full of joy and smiling? (I know I ask these questions a lot, mainly because it’s a good reminder to myself!) Take a second and think about these things. Even though your day might be crazy busy, and you feel like you can’t escape it. Go to that happy place in your mind and REST. Try to focus on these things today. Relax. Even in the midst of the crazy, picture what brings you joy, and have a mini mind-vacation. Maybe try a different approach if you are¬†struggling¬†with your health or workout¬†regimen like I have been. Because, Lord knows, we are all human, and we can all use some Peace of Mind. ūüėČ

Peace, Love, and lots of Hugs,


Welcome Friends! Meet my Loves: Music and Fitness

I can’t get enough of music.

I am a singer, and I like to think that music flows through my veins. (Maybe that’s why they’re so blue?) It is at the heart of who I am.

Here I am, back in the day with long hair. Oh the memories...

Here I am back in the day, with long hair. Oh the memories…

I can’t get enough of fitness.

I began a¬†weight-loss¬†journey in August of 2012, have since lost over 40 lbs, and well, I’m hooked on what I like to call a

Healthy Temple.

Whoohoo! Work it, Honey!

Whoohoo! Work it, Honey!

Why am I here?

I would like to welcome you to take part in my journey.¬†I want to share with you my voice, and will do my best to¬†regularly¬†post videos of my covers of songs I love, (this will probably start out ¬†A cappella, so please bear with me.) and my own works. I will also share with you my tips for a Healthy Temple, and the newest recipes,¬†exercises, etc. I’m into at the moment. Think of this as an invitation to my home, where we can create, where you are safe, and where you can¬†Release¬†your Free Spirit!

Peace and love, from me to you!