Going…Raw Vegan?

I have always wanted to go Vegan. I’ve honestly tried a few times. Half-hearted attempts at giving up something I had always enjoyed way too much. Cheese.

Then the other night I went out on a date with my husband. It was the first time we had ‘eaten out’ in an incredibly long time, so I treated myself to a little pasta. He was being a gentleman and ordered my meal for me. The pasta originally came with shrimp, but he asked for it to be on the side, because I was vegetarian, and he was going to eat it instead. The waitress instantly brightened up and said “I’m vegetarian too!”

And there we were, a couple of joined souls uniting in a common understanding of mind and heart. It’s not very often vegetarians find each other, after all. She mentioned she had tried to go Vegan before, and I offered, “It was the cheese, wasn’t it?” She enthusiastically agreed.

Why is it so hard to give up something so simple?

I have given up meat, fast food, home-cooked meals swimming in fat. So why should it be hard for me to give up cheese and honey? These questions pushed me to do a little research into going Vegan again, because when I’m posed with a challenge, I want to win. I searched through YouTube, listening to different testimonials about “How I went Vegan” and how it worked for some people, and others it didn’t. That’s when I came upon the “Raw Vegan Lifestyle”.


Eating a raw vegan lifestyle is a lifestyle of abundance. It’s no calorie counting. You eat all the fruit and veggies you want, so long as they are uncooked, and in their original vitamin-charged state. Organic food of awesomeness. Throw in some nuts, and there you have it. Raw Vegan.

I love the simplicity of this. No cooking? Talk about every woman’s dream! So I have decided to try this. I am giving myself one week. One week of mainly fruit, and veggies with a handful of nuts on a salad in the evening, and lots of water. And NO calorie restricting! I can eat a much as I want! Which, I’ll be honest, sounds like everything I’ve been trained to not think. But the logic is sound. I mean, what did Adam and Eve eat in the Garden? Fruit. However, this shall ever remain a place where I am completely honest with myself, and I am going to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So here is how Day 1 went:


One peach

Mid-morning snack:

One Apple


One Orange

Two Apples


Spinach/mushroom/almond/peach Salad

One Kiwi


One Apple

Organic peanut butter

Day One has been challenging. Mainly because now that I have told myself I’m following this lifestyle, I want everything I cannot have. Stupid brain. I was craving cheese like crazy in the afternoon when I was hungry before supper, but then I loaded up on my salad, and everything was fine. I have a great amount of energy, and have been enjoying this, but my body is definitely detoxing. My temple’s not used to so much fiber, and my teeth are sensitive from all the acidic fruit. I think the organic orange was my favorite today; it was so juicy and reminded me of sunshine. I am also definitely loving the lack of dishes to clean!

Now, to mentally prep for Tuesday…


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