Going…Raw Vegan? Day Five. My Conclusion.


It’s here.

Here’s what I ate today:


Half of one Honey Dew

Mid-morning snack:



Half of one Honey Dew



Two Apples

This work-week has been quite the journey. I’ve leaned a lot about myself, and those around me. It amazes me just how tied to certain foods cultures are. Food is a necessity for life, and yet it is intimately connected in communion with others. This week, through trying a raw vegan lifestyle, I have had a shift in perspective about what I consume, and it seems others’ perspective of me has changed as well. People this week have told me that this lifestyle is ‘not practical’, ‘safe’, or ‘healthy’. Some have considered it downright stupid. Others have been very encouraging and open-minded, even though they are living a totally different lifestyle, and may not fully understand.

Food is the ultimate ‘tie that binds’. It brings all living things together, in the instinct to sate our hunger.

The beautiful thing, is that everyday you have the ability to make a choice of what you consume. When I became a vegetarian at the age of sixteen, it was because I realized that God had given me all the resources to get the nutrients I need, without harming an animal. I knew that being a vegetarian was the best choice for me. I also knew that passing judgement on others because they ate meat, was not acceptable. What people choose to consume is just that, their choice.

So I give you, Dear One, my thoughts on the benefits and difficulties of this lifestyle. You decide what to do with this information.


1. A Raw Vegan lifestyle is expensive. Mainly because fruit is expensive, and since my husband wasn’t doing this with me, we spent far more on our groceries this week than we normally do.

2. Detox is hard. I’m not going to lie, there were moments when I was so tempted to cave because I was tired of ‘sweet’ things.

3. Some people thought I was doing something wrong. They told me just why I should include meat and dairy in my diet. Which is fine, I don’t mind people’s opinions, but sometimes judgement gets old.


1. Living a Raw Vegan lifestyle detoxified my body.

2. I have incredible amounts of energy.

3. I have very little, if any, dishes to clean.

4. I can eat as much as I want. (Which truly was my draw to this!)

5. There are many resources for strong communities of Raw Vegans who want to help each other succeed. This helped me immensely to stay focused, and driven.

6. I lost 4lbs in five days, and  I probably would have lost more, if I had eaten more.

7. I got to try new varieties of fruits and veggies I hadn’t thought of in a long time.

8. *TMI alert* Digestion this week has been fabulous. Can I just say, my number 2’s have been lovely.

9. I learned what kinds of fruits and veggies taste amazing together, and got to try new recipes.

10. People have told me that they have been encouraged, through seeing my healthy habits, to eat healthier themselves.

There you go, Friends. My pro’s. My cons. I hope you enjoyed this last week! If you’ve any questions, comment below.

Peace and Love!


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