Here’s to One Year Down and New Beginnings

I find it only fitting that I should get the urge (finally) to blog on this, the anniversary of when I first signed on with WordPress.

I remember Schofie had been nagging lovingly encouraging me to start this up. The first year has had its ups and downs, for sure. All you bloggers out there know what I mean when say I had moments of elation at both my first “like” and first “comment” on an article. It’s an ego boost. A pat on the back. A “hey-I-might-not-suck-after-all” moment.  And then of course the weeks/months where I simply had nothing to write, and felt as guilty as Fido in a dog-shaming meme.

Those are all fun moments and lessons learned though, aren’t they?

I’ll leave you with that tid-bit because I don’t want to get too serious today. After all, I still have my unannounced news to, well, announce!

Drum roll please….

Meet our beautiful baby girl!

That’s right folks. I have found my way into the club that is “Mommy-blogging”, sleepless nights, and inexplicable, irrational, unconditional love. She’s not due to arrive until March 9th, but I’m halfway there, and cannot wait to hold her in my arms! In the meantime, I have started the frenzy of trying to decide which car seat to purchase, how many cloth diapers I will need (yes, that IS what we have chosen to do, much to the chagrin of many a “non-granola” mom), and something called nipple-butter. (Ew… what have I gotten myself into…?!)

So, will this blog turn into the inevitable Mommy Blog?

I have asked myself this (with admitted dread) these last few months simply because I suppose I always thought Mom Blogs were lame. They were for “those women” whose lives consisted of loneliness and canned jam. I had visions of colic and poop and dirty dishes piling up, all hidden behind a cute blog name of “” or some crap like that. The nightmare and stereotypes continued for weeks, until I realized,

I want that.

I want to be the kind of mom who lets the dishes stack up because I know that my newborn girl needs to be fed instead. I want to be the mom who isn’t afraid to blog about the explosive diaper occasionally, because, ya know, sometimes life is poopy. I want to be the mom who knows how to laugh at life’s mess and can come away with some semblance of sanity all because I adore my children, and the life my husband and I have created.

So will this blog end up a Mommy Blog this next year? I don’t know. But I know this: I’m now a Mommy. And I can’t wait to see what story I’ll get to tell.