A Brief Hiatus, and What I Want to Tell You, But Can’t.

To you, my readers, I return.

I haven’t taken this break unintentionally.

Far from it, in fact.

I have been incredibly busy performing as Adriana in Comedy of Errors for all of July, but that’s not what has been keeping me away. Busyness is (generally) an excuse. I find time for what I deem important.
Incense and Sounds is important, incredibly important to me, because I view it as an outpouring of a lifestyle. My lifestyle. A place where free spirits reign.

But I digress. The reason I have been away is because…

I have a secret.

(commence oooing and ahhhhing)

And just like my doppelgänger Lily, from How I Met Your Mother, it is very hard for me to keep a secret. Like ever. Like I wanna type everything out right now and my hand is about to gahhhhhhhh a;lksdif&*$(ksdjf;lak@#(*&c;elre!!!

You see my point? (Also, yes, I did use the word “doppelgänger”.)

There will be a time when I will divulge said “secret”, yet now is not that time. Which is like bringing a kid into a toy store and saying, “You can look, but don’t touch.”

Anticipation is half the fun though, right? 😉




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