I drink your mowed lawn grass clippings.

Ok, not really. Although I’ve tried some teas that taste like it.

On my year-long road to health, I learned to fall in love with the benefits of tea. I spent about two weeks detoxing from an average of five cups of disgusting “work-coffee” a day. Five cups. Seriously? Of ground-ridden, cheap, nasty coffee? Why?!

It was free.

It was free and kept me going. What a terrible reason to drink something. Now, I’m not going to get into the coffee vs tea debate, (Really, can’t we all just be friends?) however, when I decided to invest in some Jasmine Green Tea from Earthfare I found that I loved tea. There are so many different flavors and it can be delicious served hot and cold. I also found out there were too many benefits I just couldn’t pass up. (Special thanks to these guys for the info)

  • Tea keeps you hydrated
  • Packed full of antioxidants
  • Can greatly aid weight-loss
  • Improved bone mineral density and strength
  • Green tea’s antioxidants may help stop the growth of cancer!

Not to mention it can come in really adorable teacups.


CAUTION: Do not Google “cute teacup”. It will result in millions of Teacup Yorkies, and death-by-happiness.

4 thoughts on “I drink your mowed lawn grass clippings.

  1. I drink 2-4 cups of tea a day, black in the morning, green in the afternoon, chamomile before bed, and an herbal tea thrown in somewhere. I stopped drinking coffee my senior year of college and it’s nearly impossible for me to drink it now. I turn into an unfocused, jittery, raging b*tch. I still love the flavor of coffee though so I’ll pick up a decaf every once in a while!

  2. Love those teacups and the title of this post.
    I love tea too. Have you tried rose petal tea? Great digestive.
    I’m sorry – I don’t believe it has to be tea OR coffee. I drink both. Unashamedly 🙂

    • Thank you! I have tried it and it’s delicious! And I agree, I think both coffee and tea can have benefits. It depends on the person, and everything in moderation. 🙂

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