Welcome Friends! Meet my Loves: Music and Fitness

I can’t get enough of music.

I am a singer, and I like to think that music flows through my veins. (Maybe that’s why they’re so blue?) It is at the heart of who I am.

Here I am, back in the day with long hair. Oh the memories...

Here I am back in the day, with long hair. Oh the memories…

I can’t get enough of fitness.

I began a weight-loss journey in August of 2012, have since lost over 40 lbs, and well, I’m hooked on what I like to call a

Healthy Temple.

Whoohoo! Work it, Honey!

Whoohoo! Work it, Honey!

Why am I here?

I would like to welcome you to take part in my journey. I want to share with you my voice, and will do my best to regularly post videos of my covers of songs I love, (this will probably start out  A cappella, so please bear with me.) and my own works. I will also share with you my tips for a Healthy Temple, and the newest recipes, exercises, etc. I’m into at the moment. Think of this as an invitation to my home, where we can create, where you are safe, and where you can Release your Free Spirit!

Peace and love, from me to you!



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